Corrugated Metal American Flag

I always like a challenge and trying new crafts so I couldn't wait to use this large piece of corrugated metal. 
Corrugated metal canvas

I found this piece at Tuesday Morning and it was pretty cheap, about $6.00 so I thought it would be a great pallet for a project I had in mind. 

I wanted to make an American Flag on this piece and given that it is corrugated, it almost looked striped already. 

I started out by taping-off the stripes using 1" thick Frog Tape. I actually find that Frog Tape works better than any of the other painter's tapes to get a clean line. 

Taping off American flag lines with tape

I painted between the stripes with a couple of coats of white paint and when it dried I removed the tape.

Galvanized and white striped flag

I actually almost stopped right there... 

I loved the neutral look of the galvanized steel and the white. 

Once the white was completely dried I hand-painted the red stripes. 

I was afraid the tape might pull off the white paint on metal so I painted the red stripes by hand. 

I used Fusion Mineral Paint.

Red, white and blue corrugated flag

My first thought was to stencil the stars with a star stencil I purchased recently but when I tried, it really didn't work out because of the corrugated grooves. 

I ended up painting the whole field solid blue. 

I almost left the field just blue but then had another thought, I masked off all but the blue section of the flag and laid down my star stencil. 

Spray painting stars on a flag

Holding a can of chalky spray paint directly over the top of the star stencil, I painted the stars. 

I used quick bursts of paint and tried hard to keep the paint can directly above the stencil.  

I wasn't too surprised to find out that the stars were not perfect. 

Using a stencil on corrugated material was a challenge but I have to say I liked the way it came out. 

All the stars on the top of the bumps were perfect and the ones in the valleys were blurred. 

It was kind of cool and so did the first person to see it at the craft fair. 

Artsy stars on an American Flag

I'm going with that... the stars look kind of artsy and heck from far away you can't even tell they aren't perfect. 

Corrugated metal DIY flag

This American flag is going to hang on the fence in my yard. 

If you're looking for a way to decorate your large white fence, I have the perfect idea for you. 

You can read all about these inexpensive and very useful fence hangers by visiting this link. 

Fence hangers and a corrugated flag

I'm showing my American pride with a corrugated metal flag with artsy stars this summer.

Here are several other DIY American Flag projects you may want to try! 

Corrugated American Flag

If you're not a fan of artsy stars, you can read all about the tray I made a while back and how I made perfect stars for this project. 

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