How to Add Farmhouse Detail to Easter Eggs

Are you ready for an easy project to decorate your eggs this Easter? While working on a project recently I discovered a new use for one of my sponsored products. 
DIY Farmhouse Easter Eggs and a bunny

Re-design with Prima transfers are so easy to use. 

This pack is for wooden knobs, I did actually use one on a knob for this farmhouse craft cupboard

Today however, I've got another idea for these little cuties. 

Easter eggs! 

Transfers and Farmhouse Easter Eggs

It's so darn easy too! 

All you do is place the image on the egg, it can be a real egg or store bought speckled eggs like I used. 

Transfers placed on a speckled egg

Just rub the design with a wooden stick. Then remove the paper. 

rubbing the design on an egg

Just like the ones that came in the egg coloring kits when we were kids... only cuter! 

Adding farmhouse transfer to eggs

So give these farmhouse knob transfers a try... on your Easter eggs!

Easter eggs with transfer and overlay

eggs with farm fresh transfer and overlay

Speckled eggs one with a wreath and chicken transfer

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Eggs with transfers and a bunny

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A bunny and eggs with transfers for easter
Disclaimer: ReDesign with Prima gave me the transfers, all opinions are my own. (but they are fabulous! )

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