Make a Two Sided Hanging Potting Shed Sign

I'm using what I have and looking forward to getting outside and working in the garden soon. So I'm going to need a sign. 
Make a Two Sided Hanging Potting Shed Sign

This project began with the broken piece of a vanity that I found on the side of the road. 

I quickly made a treasure box for my office with the wooden box in this photo but that long arm-looking thing had me stumped.

Until now...

Make a DIY Two Sided Hanging Potting Shed Sign

Along with that narrow piece, I had a few other pieces I could use in my workshop. 

The leg of a children's picnic bench, you can read about what I did with the top of that bench by following the bold link. 

Make a repurposed garden shed sign from things at home

I removed the "x" piece of the bench because all I really wanted was that flat piece on the top. 

I attached the long arm from the vanity to that flat bench piece with wood glue and the nail gun. 

Make a DIY repurposed garden shed sign from things at home

The bench piece was perfect because it had holes already drilled in the top and the bottom for hanging. 

The next step was to paint it, I used Rustoleum chalked paint in charcoal

As you can see my paint was getting a little thick so I added water and stirred until it was back to normal consistency. 

DIY repurposed painted garden shed sign from things at home

Next, I wanted to create a sign to hang below this long arm. 

I attached 2 eyelet screws to the arm. 

DIY repurposed painted garden shed sign

I am running out of wood for the sign so I will be recycling a Valentine's Day sign I made a couple of years ago

It was a painted white sign with a wooden frame around it. 

I cut off the ends of the sign so it would be the size I needed and just kept the center then painted over the words with white. 

Painted and stenciled sign for the shed

Next came the stenciling. 

I'm using the Potting Shed stencil by Old Sign Stencils.

I stenciled the word Shed first then the word Potting overlapping them slightly.

Painted and stenciled 2 sided sign for the shed

I did this on both sides of the sign then added 2 more eyelet screws and 2 hooks so it would hang from the arm.

Painted and stenciled 2 sided sign for the garden shed

I attached the sign to my shed using the 2 pre-drilled holes that were in the bench piece. 

Two sided garden shed sign for the garden

Unfortunately my garden area is not nearly as ready as I am for the warm weather and actual gardening but my shed sign will be. 

This is a use what you have DIY project for those that are spending a lot of time at home this Spring. 

Two sided garden shed sign

Get creative and see what you have and how you can think out of the box to create something new. 

It is good for all of us to get creative and to have distractions that will not only keep us busy but decorate our homes and gardens. 

Take a look at the garden sign I made a few years ago using pieces from an old headboard. 

Two sided DIY garden shed sign

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Disclaimer: Old Sign Stencils provided me with the stencil, all opinions are my own.

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