Painted Mason Jar Vase with a Farmhouse Transfer Design

Everyone loves a good Mason jar project! Especially me! And everyone has a jar or two laying around the house. If you're ready to see how to make it beautiful then follow me! 
Painted Mason Jar Vase with a Transfer Design

I began by painting 2 mason jars with a blue chalky paint.

One coat is all you'll need. You can use any jar for this, a pasta jar, jelly jar, just check the recycle bin. 

Painted Blue Mason Jar Vase with a Transfer Design

When the blue dried the next step was to paint over it with a white chalky paint

I painted in one direction, let it dry then painted another coat in the other direction giving a fine linen texture to the jar. 

Painted Mason Jars with a Transfer

You can see how the blue peeked out of the inside of the jar making it extra special. 

Painted Recycled  Jars with a Transfer

Now it was time to add my transfer. I was introduced to Redesign with Prima by a friend and there is no going back now. 

I've used them on several projects recently like the tiered birds nests, and the vintage cupboard I repainted for my office

The transfer kit I used comes with several designs, today I'm using a couple of the smaller ones. 

I love that you can cut up the large transfer into whichever words you need for your project.

ReDesign with Prima transfers for furniture and crafts

There are many different Prima transfers on Amazon so look around when you follow the link. 

Painted Recycled  Jars with a Farmhouse Transfer

These transfers are so incredibly easy to use. 

All you do is cut the design for the layout you want and rub it onto the surface of your project with a wooden stick. 

That's it! 

Painted Recycled Mason Jars with a Farmhouse Transfer

I don't think you really need to but I sprayed the finished transfer with a matte spray paint for durability on these vases. 

Painted Recycled Mason Jar vases with a Farmhouse Transfer

You can't see any plastic around the letters at all. 

Just lettering on the jar, it looks like they were hand lettered. 

The transfers are so easy to use you're going to want to add them to everything! 

And I have been. 

They come in many designs, and colors, graphics, and flowers, everything you need to embellish your latest DIY project. 

Painted Recycled Mason Jar for the Kitchen with a Farmhouse Transfer

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Mason Jar for the Kitchen with a Farmhouse Transfer


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