Decorative Battery Powered Votive Candles with Bark Wraps

This beautiful project came about while on a walk around our neighborhood. 
Decorative Bark Candle Wraps
We can't go far these days but we can walk around our neighborhood. Yesterday we had a big storm, trees and power lines were down on every block.
While on my walk, I found an interesting piece of bark, it must have been stripped right off the branch when the tree fell but it was still in great shape. 
Bark wrapped votive candles

The piece I found had beautiful texture and was covered with lichen. It's amazing what you notice when you have nothing but time on your hands. 
Bark and moss wrapped votive candles

I thought the bark would be good for something so I carried it home.
While I walked I thought about what I could make with it. Somewhere around the third mile, decided it would make a great decorative covering for a battery powered votive candle. The size was perfect to wrap votives. I stress the word decorative and battery powered votives here because bark is wood and could catch on fire. Be safe and make this project with battery powered votives.
I cut the bark to the size of a votive candle using scissors. The bark was still alive and soft so it was easy to cut. 
DIY Decorative Tree Bark Wrapped Candles
I wrapped double sided tape around the votive then wrapped the bark around the tape. I tied it together with a length of cotton string
Decorative Tree Bark Wrapped Candles
I had just enough bark to cover three battery powered votive candles. 
Decorative Tree Bark Candle Wraps
For demonstration purposes I used my favorite volcano scented Anthropologie votives that smell wonderful without being lit!
DIY Decorative Tree Bark Candle Wraps
Thanks so much for visiting! I hope when you're on your next walk around the neighborhood you'll keep your eyes wide open. Look for something beautiful you can bring home and create with. 
Decorative Tree Bark Candle Wraps
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Disclaimer: Any wax candles with bark are for decorative use only. 


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