DIY Wooden American Flag

I love to decorate with American flags, I think it reminds me of holidays, our great country, and being off for the summer. 
Red, white and blue wooden American flag decoration

This project began with the wooden seat of a broken children's bench. I saved the bench top when it broke because you never know what you can make with it. 

The first thing I did was to paint the top of the bench with white craft paint. When the white dried, I painted the top 1/3 of the bench blue using painter's tape for a clean line.  
Painting a board white with a field of blue
After a couple of coats of blue, I put painter's tape stripes down the white part of the board for the stripes. 
Adding stripes with painter's tape for an American flag
When the blue field and the red stripes were dry it was time to add the stars. 
Crisp lines and stars on an American flag
I used my favorite stencil that comes with stars and stripes in different sizes, perfect for many projects. You can find it on my affiliate link by visiting the bold link. I used a stencil brush and a pouncing motion to get crisp and clear stars. 
Stenciled stars on a field of blue.
When all the paint was dry, I distressed the edges of the flag with an electric hand sander.
Wooden American flag hanging on brick wall
I added a sawtoothed hanger and hung it on the outside of my house. I think it's my favorite flag decoration this year! I've made so many flag projects on Homeroad and you can see them all by visiting this bold link.
DIY American flag pinterest pin

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Wooden American flag on a brick wall


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