How to Stencil a Brick Pattern on the Floor

I've done it before and I'm doing it again only this time I'm taking a new approach to painting a cement floor. 
Metallic brick stenciled floor

Truth be told, my workshop is in the basement and the basement is not pretty. I spend a lot of time down there so I'm always trying to spruce up the place. I am always organizing the workshop and once before I painted the floor after I spilled paint. You can visit these bold links to read more about those projects.
Today I'm trying a new approach, I'm stenciling the floor with a very large brick patterned stencil I got from Re-design with Prima. I didn't take a before photo but you can see in the photo below how paint splattered the floor was before. 
I began by painting a very large square on the floor in my workshop area. 
Painted square area on workshop floor
I used a combination of several sample oops paints I already had. I used any light shade of white, beige, tan or whatever I could find and mixed them together in a large container. 
I began by taping-off a large area with painter's tape. I used a large paintbrush and gave the floor one coat. This was going to be the background of my painted floor so I wasn't too concerned with coverage. 
Painted white background color for stencil
As I waited for the floor to dry my very curious cat walked straight across the wet paint and left her little footprints straight across the whole area so I had to go back and cover them. 
Large brick stencil with metallic gold stenciled brick
When the paint was dry and the cat was cleaned up, I grabbed a metallic paint I had on hand. Fusion Mineral Paint has a line of metallics, I didn't have enough of one color so I mixed the Champagne with the Vintage Gold to give me enough paint to stencil the floor. 
stenciled metallic bricks with a stencil
I laid out the brick and just pounced my large brush over the stencil. The metallic paint is very forgiving so I didn't need to be too careful. 
I pounced and moved the stencil all along the large square I had painted earlier. 
metallic brick pattern on basement floor
As you can see I did not yet cover the tassels that were there from a previous painted rug. 
When the area was completely finished I went back to the tassels and painted more right over the old ones. This is the workshop and I'm sure I will need to repaint it sooner or later so I am definitely not being a perfectionist with this. 
Metallic brick area rug painted on basement floor with fringe
When my masterpiece was finished I decided to make another little run next to this one going in the opposite direction. I also painted this old table I had been using for years.
Green and blue painted work table with spinning organizer

Again I used paint I had on hand then gave it a few coats of Polycrylic for durability. The spinning organizer in the center of the table also got an update. 
Stenciled floor using brick stencil and metallic gold paint
The stencil was amazing to use on the floor, besides being down on the floor for so long, this project was easy, forgiving and looks amazing in the workshop! I love the way the metallic paint reflects the light and makes it brighter down there.
Workshop area and painted floor and table
I'm working on reorganizing this whole area with new boxes and bins so stay tuned for the update. 
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