Scrap Wood Vegetable Garden Markers

I am quickly working through my stash of scrap wood during this time at home and I luckily never seem to be out of projects. Today I'm creating scrap wood garden markers for our garden that's just about finished. 
Scrap Wood Vegetable Garden Markers with labels

The garden build is a little slow, we've had a lot of rain and cold temperatures here in the north east. 

We recently dug up the large perennial garden we've had for years and built a fence to surround our soon to be vegetable garden

While the garden is in the works we kept busy by building a potting bench, you can see my projects by visiting the bold links. 

I also made a no-sew garden apron from a pair of old jeans to wear while I'm busy in the garden. 

I have a couple of things that are ready to be planted including a few onions that started to grow in the bag. 

I began the garden markers with scrap wood from my workshop and 4 dowels that were from an old wooden saran wrap holder. 

Most of these pieces were already painted white but I gave them a quick once over to make them all match. 

White painted garden markers

Next I used my new Cricut Joy vinyl cutter to create labels for the plant markers. 

This little machine is great! 

I just got it and have already made labels for everything in my kitchen plus a few t-shirts. 

Vinyl cutter printing out labels

I'll be retiring from teaching in a few weeks and I can possibly see a future as a t-shirt maker. 😂

Labels for vegetable markers

I cut the permanent vinyl then attached the words to the markers. 

Onion vegetable marker for the garden

After all the markers were labeled I sprayed them with a couple coats of satin sealer

group of vegetable markers for the garden

These markers were perfect for the garden and aside from an investment in the vinyl cutter, the scrap wood markers were free. 

Tomato vegetable marker for the garden

They are ready for the garden though the garden isn't ready for the markers yet. 

We need to add a little more soil and compost this weekend. 

I planted the overgrown onions in the corner and marked them with their new cute little sign. 

tomatoes growing in the garden with a marker

garden pin

Onions growing in the garden

A sign of good things to come!

Set of garden markers with vegetable signs

Here is the most current photo of my garden, it is coming along beautifully and I've made even more markers!

Vegetable garden with fence and garden markers.

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