Make Outdoor Zero Gravity Chairs Look New

If you have one of these outdoor zero gravity outdoor sling chairs then you know how comfortable they are. We've had a couple of them for years. 

Two blue zero gravity chairs

These chairs are super comfortable and fold up easily to take to the beach or to put away for the winter. 

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The problem, as with any outdoor furniture, is that after a few years they begin to fade. 

Both of these chairs developed a large patch of faded fabric in the same place on the seat. 

Faded batch on blue sling chair

Other than this faded patch, the chairs were in very good shape. 

They sell replacement lacing but we didn't need that yet.  

I just wanted to make the chairs look better without having to buy new ones. 

Any time I can give something another year before I have to buy a new one is a good thing. 

Speaking of which... did you know you could paint outdoor cushions too? 

I found the perfect product and love the way it turned out on my deck furniture.

Blue sling chair with faded patch

I had some paint in the basement leftover from another project that was the same color (or close enough) to try to fix this problem. 

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Liberty Blue

I'm sorry I don't have any in process photos but I honestly didn't think this was going to work and wouldn't make a very good blog post.


The first thing I did was to spray the chairs down with the hose so they were wet. 

By the way this hose, is one of the best I've ever used. It is light and easy to drag around the property. 

But back to the painting...  

I took a small amount of the paint on a thick brush and started painting the wet chair on the faded spot. 

I used a very small amount of paint so it wouldn't fill in the mesh on the fabric.

Right away I saw a difference but I let the first coat dry then did the same thing again, this time I painted the whole chair. 

I did this two or three times, being sure to give the spot that was faded a little more love. 

When the chair dried I was quite surprised that it worked! 

Here are the chairs while they were drying. 

You can see that the faded spot is still wet. 

Zero gravity outdoor chairs that were painted

Here are the chairs several weeks later. 

They were left out in the rain, sun, and heat wave with no problem. 

The fabric feels the same as it always did, not stiff at all. 

You can't tell anything was done to the fabric other than the color is no longer faded. 

The chairs look like new!

Sling chair update pin

I've been out lounging in these chairs several times since painting them and couldn't be happier with my quick makeover. 

Update: A year later and they still look like they did when I painted them! 

Blue zero gravity chair with starfish pillow

If you're looking for a way to update your outdoor furniture and make them look great for another year, this is the makeover for you! 

A quick coat of Armor-all on the arms give the plastic a fresh look too.

Blue sling deck chair with outdoor pillow

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