Painting Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Game changer!  Every once in a while I want to shout from the roof tops when I find a new product, especially one that works just like you would hope it will. 

spray painted navy outdoor cushions and can

I was on a recent trip to Home Depot and I ran across something that is going to give the cushions on my patio a new life.  

Frankly, I wish I knew about this stuff before I threw away some of my old patio cushions at the end of last season! 

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As I opened the big gates on the spray paint stash at Home Depot last weekend (you all know those big squeaky gates that keeps all the spray paint out of the reach of people that don't use it correctly) 

I saw it... 

Rust-oleum Outdoor Fabric Paint

Yes, I said fabric spray paint for outdoor furniture!!!

Now I don't know about you but my outdoor cushions last 1, maybe 2 seasons before they are filthy, faded, stained, or worse! 

These were horrendous, I don't know why I saved them so long! 

faded outdoor furniture cushions

I am happy to report that this spray paint for outdoor cushions is an absolute game changer!

Several years ago I bought an outdoor patio set for my deck.

I love the plastic weave set but the cushions that came with it were lame! 

After just one year they faded terribly! 

faded grey outdoor cushions

To make matters worse they weren't even waterproof. 

After a while I didn't care and used them as they were, if they got wet, I just left them out to dry. 

But the color! 

The cushions went from navy blue to some kind of ugly grey.

So when I saw this miracle spray paint for outdoor cushions I had to give it a try. 

Step one was to get all the dog hair off the cushions, I used a lint roller for pets

If you look carefully you may spot Finn, our 85 pound lab mix in one or two of the photos below, he can usually be found in at least one outdoor picture.

Next, I placed each cushion on top of an old planter and spray painted the sides and the top of the cushion. 

In case you're wondering I will now have to paint that ceramic planter.

spray painting the cushion navy blue

You can see the magic happening already! 

The pictured can of paint is what is available at your local Home Depot store, they do not ship.

Another can design of Rust-oleum outdoor fabric paint is available from Amazon, the paints seem to be the same.

Can of navy spray paint for cushions and the cushions

So I sprayed painted all 4 cushions and couldn't believe my eyes! 

Navy blue spray painted cushion

Look at that bright color! 

It reminded me of when I repainted the zero-gravity chairs in my backyard, I was thrilled! 

The cushions quickly looked like new, look at the difference!

faded grey and painted blue cushion comparison

One can did the top and sides of 4 cushions, I need to get another can to finish the backs.

four painted outdoor cushions

When the paint dried in the sun I went back over the cushions with a water proofing spray. 

Now these cushions look and work they way outdoor cushions should! 

Amazon outdoor furniture with painted cushions and pillows

And it is UV resistant so they shouldn't fade this time! 

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outdoor love seat with overlay

I can't tell you how happy I am with this spray paint! 

love seat with painted blue cushions and pillows

It's early spring so my deck is by no means ready to use, there is power washing to do and furniture to scrub but I just had to get the word out on this spray paint before you all go out and buy new cushions! 

Here is what it looked like last year, only now my cushions will look new,  I can't wait for the warmer weather! You can see those old cushions! 

outdoor patio set with large umbrella and fish rug

I'm throwing a few random pillows and a vase of tulips out here on the giant coffee table I built last spring to add a little color to the leafless trees and dead lawn of early spring in New York. 

The fabric on the cushions is soft like the original fabric only now looks almost new! 

outdoor love seat with painted blue cushions and vase of tulips

The spray paint came in many different colors at Home Depot, I grabbed the Navy because that's the color the cushions were originally. 

Outdoor love seat with painted cushions

Did you find Finn?

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