Fall Grain Sack Striped Rug Pillow

If you've been following along this week you may have seen my last project, a grain sack striped wooden centerpiece crate.

Today I'm making an easy pillow to match the look of the centerpiece tray and it couldn't be easier! 

No sewing involved if you don't want to sew and the inexpensive rug I used is easy to find! 

Take a look...

grain sack pillow with orange stripes

Like I said, I am using a small inexpensive white cotton rug with fringe for this easy pillow. 

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I bought it a while back from Five Below and as far as I know they carry then often and in many colors. While you're there grab a few, you're gonna want to make more than one!

white cotton rug with fringe

I washed and bleached my rug to start with to be sure it was soft and clean since I've had it in storage for a while. 

Once washed and dried I ironed the rug flat and got out as many wrinkles as possible. I then folded the rug in half and got to work...

Unlike the last project where I used a great grain sack stencil, I wanted these stripes to be a bit larger so I'm using painter's tape. 

painter's tape on rug

I found the center of the folded pillow and laid out painter's tape to create the grain sack pattern I wanted. 

painter's tape with orange stripe

Next, using Fusion Mineral Paint in Tuscan Orange, I painted the stripes on the rug. You can use most any kind of acrylic paint on this project because you'll just spot clean the pillow from here on out. 

painter's tape with orange paint

I removed the painter's tape while the paint was still wet but on fabric you can wait until the paint dries first if it is easier for you. 

orange stripes on cotton rug

Once the paint dried, I used my Cricut joy vinyl cutting machine to cut the same words I used for the matching crate only this time I made the stencil a little larger. If you don't have a small vinyl cutting machine, this one is a good investment. You will use it throughout the Fall and winter holidays for sure! 

indian corn vinyl stencil on grain sack stripe

I stenciled the vinyl lettering onto the rug in the center of the grain sack stripes then removed the stencil vinyl while the paint was still wet. 

indian corn stenciled design

folded striped cotton rug pillow

I let the painted rug dry completely before I used fabric hot glue to glue the rug together on the sides.

hot gluing pillow sides together


I left a small opening at the bottom and filled my pillow with Poly-fil stuffing. You can use an old pillow or a pillow form as well to stuff your pillow. 

stuffing pillow with fiberfil

Once the pillow was stuffed I hot glued the opening closed using fabric hot glue

stuffed rug pillow

That's it! 

grain sack striped Fall pillow


My easy cotton rug pillow was finished and it looks great! 

fall pillow on sofa in living room

I love the look of grain sack with the lettering over it and it matches the crate I made so well! 

indian corn pillow and matching wooden crate

watercolor photo of pillow


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grain sack pillow with overlay

I hope you like this easy project and will check around on Homeroad for more easy Fall projects by using the search bar at the top of this page. 

fall pillow on grey chair

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watercolor fall pillow and crate

I love the watercolor renderings I get using the Waterlogue app on my phone



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