Vintage Scrap Book Pumpkins

Good morning! I say morning no matter what time it is when you're reading this because I'm an early bird. I get most of my projects done and posts written before 8 am. Thanks to my puppy I'm an early riser! 

I always love the Fall, not only because it is cooler outside, but because I love to make repurposed pumpkin decorations. 

Today I'm making probably one of my favorite pumpkins! I'm combining my love of scrapbooking with my love of making creative pumpkins.

Take a look...

Ephemera pumpkins

I began with these scraps of antique wood I found on the side of the road. Actually it was a "thing" I found on the side of the road that I made into a garden basket.  This wood was the leftovers. 

antique scrap wood

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I cut the leftover wood pieces into smaller squares and rectangles for this project. One of the thinner pieces had a very interesting edge, it was almost octagon shaped. 

scrap wood pieces

I sanded the edges and got to work. 

I am a big fan of scrapbooking. I've just recently began making smash books and junk journals. Stay tuned for that post! 

junk journal

I have a ton of washi tape and washi stickers that I use for my books so today I got the idea to use them on pumpkins!

sticker box full of stickers

I get most of my stickers and washi tape from Amazon, they have great prices! 

Mod podge and book page with a block

I first decoupaged old book pages and newsprint onto the front of the blocks with Mod Podge. 

blocks with book pages

When the Mod Podge was dry I sanded the edges with a sanding block to remove the excess paper. 

block with sanded paper edges

And then I did the same to all five blocks.

blocks with sanded book pages

Then I started covering the printed paper with all kinds of ephemera stickers. 

ephemera dictionary meaning

block with washi stickers

When I had it the way I wanted the stickers, I sanded the edges of the blocks again so the part of the sticker I wasn't using sanded off. 

block with vintage stickers

I tried to pick stickers that reminded me of long ago because the wood scraps I'm using are actually antiques. 

blocks with book pages and washi stickers

This was the fun part for me, just like filling my junk journals with stickers. 

I added matching black and white washi tape to each of the blocks to make them look like a matched set of pumpkins. 

washi tape on blocks

And then I sanded the edges of the washi tape and coated the front of the blocks with Mod Podge to seal the edges.

Mod Podge on vintage pumpkin blocks


Next, I gathered anything I thought might make a good pumpkin stem and glued them to the top of each block with wood glue.

blocks with random stems

One of them is actually a real stem from the pumpkin patch! 

When the glue dried I used an antiquing glaze on the top and front of the pumpkins. The coat of Mod Podge I put on earlier helps the glaze create an even coat.  

glazed decoupaged block

The glaze made the cut edge match the block and gave the front of the pumpkins an antiqued look. 

For the leaves, I folded a few book page papers I had and cut out a leaf shape for a couple of the pumpkins.

cut leaves from book pages


Lastly, it was time to add a little Spanish moss, pip berries, and book page leaves to the top of the pumpkins with hot glue. 

group of ephemera pumpkins with stems and moss


scrapbook pumpkin with real stem
vintage pumpkins with stems

That's it! 

scrap book pumpkins and mushroom

These are probably my favorite pumpkins to date! 

group of scrapbook pumpkins and overlay


mushroom with scrapbook pumpkin set
That awesome mushroom sculpture came from Home Goods! I just love it! Here is a link to a similar one as it is sold out right now. 

ephemera pumpkins with stems

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pumpkin blocks, mushroom and overlay

scrapbook pumpkins on a shelf with pumpkin sign

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washi tape pumpkins with overlay



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