Halloween Vertical Silhouette Yard Stake

Here's a fun project to do with dollar store Halloween cut-outs and a curtain rod. 

I got the idea from Michaels Craft Store. They had a similar decoration with 3 pumpkins stacked together. 

This project couldn't be easier and it looks great in a pot or stuck in your front garden to get the spirit of Halloween on a dime. 

There's nothing to it, take a look...

Ghost yard stake in front of house

This was my inspiration, the photo isn't too good, I snapped it quickly in Michaels. 

Halloween stacked decoration at Michaels

So I started out trying to reproduce the look with 3 wooden cut-outs from the Dollar Tree. Each one is about 12" wide and tall. 

wooden cut-outs

I'm also using a large metal black pole I had leftover from an old curtain rod. If you don't have an old curtain rod you can use a broom stick from the Dollar Tree. 

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Aside from these very inexpensive supplies, you'll also need a few tiny scraps of wood or dowel, wood glue and E6000 glue.  You can find the glue at the Dollar Tree too! 

row of wooden cut outs with pipe

All I had to do for this project was to arrange my 3 cut-outs vertically in a row in the order I liked best. 

I laid my metal rod along the back of the cut-outs and spread E6000 glue all along the pole to attach the wooden cut-outs. I used a weighted iron to hold down the pipe to dry. 

pipe and iron on wooden cut outs

I also used a tiny metal pipe clamp with more E6000 to hold down the top of the pipe. 

pipe with metal bracket on back

Along the sides of the pipe I randomly used wood glue and tiny pieces of dowel on both sides of the pipe to give it more security. 

wooden dowels to support metal pipe

When all the glue was dry, this thing wasn't going anywhere! The cut-outs were very securely attached to the pipe. 

The next step was to paint it. I spread out a roll of paper I had leftover from our renovation and used flat black spray paint to paint both sides of my creation. 

black painted yard stake

That's it! 

vertical black halloween yard stake

When the paint was dry I was finished! 

stack of black halloween figures

Now I did think about painting the front of the pumpkin orange and the ghost white but I decided I liked the silhouette look of an all black yard stake. 

top ghost

It looks great in the garden in front of the house! 

haunted house and pumpkin silhouettes

It can also be stuck into a planter

vertical halloween decoration in a planter


halloween yard stake in front garden

Each one of these adorable Dollar Tree cut-outs would look great on its own using the same technique but all together in a vertical stack, I think they look amazing! 

ghost yard stake


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halloween yard stake and overlay

It was such an easy and inexpensive project to decorate for Halloween. The parts cost me less than $4 at the dollar store! 

Another idea would be to add lights around the back of the silhouettes to create a spooky light at night and so you'll see this from the street! 

vertical halloween shapes with lights

I hope you find inspiration from my easy to do projects and you'll follow along by adding your email to the list in the pop-up. This way my next DIY tutorial will go out straight to you! 

halloween yard stake in planter



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