Gold Metal Recycled Can Wreath

I've always wanted one of those metal wreaths on a stand. I've seen them in many colors and designs on the farmhouse websites. 

Problem is that I refuse to pay the prices they are asking for some things that I'm sure I can make a recycled wreath for less. 

Today I'm making this easy wreath by recycling seltzer cans from my garage. 

See how it went...

Gold metal wreath on stand

I began by grabbing some seltzer cans from my garage. Why seltzer cans you may ask? Because first of all we don't drink soda, except for my occasional diet coke, and secondly because the empty cans are not sticky. 

seltzer cans on brick background

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The cans cut easier than you'd think. They are such a thin metal that they cut with regular scissors. They aren't very sharp either but take precautions if your cans are sharp, gloves and sand paper may be in order. 

I'm also using a metal hoop wreath that I purchased at the dollar store a while back. 

cut can leaves and a hoop

But like I said my cans were not sharp so I went ahead and cut a whole bunch of leaf shapes with long stems from the cans. I ended up using 4 cans all together. 

pairs of metal leaves

I attached 2 leaves at a time by wrapping them around the metal hoop wreath and securing with a dot of hot glue. 

metal leaf pairs on hoop

You need to be careful not to burn your fingers, either use silicone protectors or use cool temp glue. 

half wreath with metal leaves

I proceeded around the wreath attaching the double leaves about every inch or so. 

metal leaves all the way around the hoop and can

I went all the way around the wreath then checked to make sure the leaves were secure then using a ball point pen, drew the veins in each leaf. 

metal leaves with veins

metal wreath with veins in leaves

Next, I grabbed some berry branches leftover from a broken Christmas wreath I found at the thrift store. The berries have come in handy many times

red berries on brick background

I removed the berries from the branch along with the wire they were attached to then wrapped the berries around the hoop wreath between the leaves. 

metal leaves and berries

I did this all the way around the wreath and secured the wrapped part with hot glue. You may need to blast your wreath with a hairdryer or a heat gun for a minute to remove any glue strings. 

metal wreath with berries and soda can in center

This is how the wreath looked before I painted it. Now you can paint the wreath any color you desire but I'm using a gold spray paint I had in my workshop. 

metal wreath with berries

I first sprayed the back of the wreath and then the front being sure to hit it from every direction so I covered everything. 

wreath on cardboard with spray paint

I let the wreath dry and I was done! 

gold wreath with berries

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gold metal wreath on stand with overlay

gold metal wreath on hooks with overlay pin

That's it, a gold metal wreath that you can hang on a wreath stand.  You can read here all about this easy wreath stand I made recently. 

gold metal wreath on stand

If you are really ambitious you can make a wreath stand using a metal bar and a circle of wood then spray it to match the wreath. 

gold metal wreath on wreath stand

The wreath can also be hung on a door where it looks just as gorgeous. 

gold metal wreath on office door


gold berry wreath on hooks

Ok, this scratched my itch for a metal wreath so now I'll be keeping my eye out for another expensive project I can make for less. 

gold metal wreath on door


gold metal wreath

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gold metal wreath with berries




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