Repurposed Vintage Garden Crate

Let's face it, at some point in your life you stop saving the good things for "some day".

If you are of a certain age like I am going to say, go for it. Use the good silverware, wear what you want, and don't hold onto things you aren't using! 

There, that is my message for today. Oh, and I am repurposing another vintage soda crate to make it something I'm going to use rather than something I am saving "just because". 

Who is with me on this?...

Vintage crate painted green

So around Christmas time I found a couple of vintage soda crates in my basement that I've been hanging onto for years. 

yellow vintage coke crate

I took the risk of being lambasted by vintage lovers and painted it. I made a beautiful Christmas crate that spent the season being enjoyed by all rather than collecting spider webs in my basement. 

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Truth be told, I am a vintage lover, but now that I am of a "certain age" I feel the need to enjoy what I have or get rid of it. Why do we hold on to things like we do? 

Today, I'm painting another vintage soda crate darn it and I'm not feeling guilty at all!  A similar crate on Antique Farmhouse was my inspiration. 

green painted vintage crate 

I gave this vintage yellow Coke crate a coat of Bayberry by Fusion Mineral Paint. It is the perfect "garden green". It is actually the perfect green for many things in my opinion. 

vintage crate with green paint

The fact that this crate was originally yellow was perfect because giving it a light coat and sanding it will give it the perfect distressed look for this project. Look... you can still see the original Coca-Cola sign inside. 

I'm using some of my favorite garden stencils from Old Sign Stencils. The Locally Grown Herb stencil and the Wild Flower Seed stencil are a couple of my faves because you can use the whole stencil on a project or just parts of both of them like I'm doing here. 

stenciling with seed stencil

I stenciled different parts of the stencils on each side of the crate with a light yellow craft paint and let it dry. 

stenciled HERB sign on crate

both sides of the stenciled crate

With a quick sanding using the electric sander, I got the distressed look with the yellow showing through I was after. 

seed crate with distressing and a flower pot and flowers

Now if you're like me you may be pining for Spring right about now. I really shouldn't talk because here in NYC we've only had about an inch of snow all season. I know some of you have been inundated this year! Sometime in April I'm sure we will catch up! :/

seed crate with pot and string holder

Please pin --->>

vintage soda crate with overlay


repurposed seed crate pin with overlay

So I will continue to wait for Spring and when it gets here I'll be ready to use my newly painted garden crate as decoration around my home. 

garden crate with flowers


It can actually be filled with supplies or seed containers and used outdoors as well. 

Vintage seed crate with tools

In any case I'm loving it now and it isn't collecting dust anymore! I can not wait for more sunshine and warm weather.

green seed crate with daffodils

After living with my seed crate for a while I noticed how my friend Jane added feet to a crate she bought and I decided that mine also needed cork feet. It made all the difference! 

seed crate with flowers

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flowers in wooden crate with sunshine

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