DIY Stars and Stripes Tee Shirt

Happy Summer Friends! 

Today I'm going to show you how to make a quick and easy stars and stripes tee shirt to wear for your favorite holidays this summer. 

I'm saying quick and easy because I made one for my husband in less than an hour so he could wear it on Memorial Day!  

Take a look...

stars and stripes top of tee shirt

This all began with a couple of blank tee shirts. 

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I wore my white Old Navy tee shirt that I turned into a DIY stars and stripes shirt to the Mets game last weekend.

susan and mr at the Mets game

I made this fun grungy look Stars and Stripes tee shirt a few years ago.  I only wear it on the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. This year, however, I wore it to the Mets game on Memorial Day weekend.  Let's Go Mets! 

American flag shirt on bed

And don't you know my husband wanted to know why he didn't have one... 

So fast forward to the morning after the game which was Memorial Day. I whipped up this quick and easy Stars and Stripes tee shirt for him and it was ready by the time he got dressed. I do some of my finest work before 6 am in the mornings and luckily he wanted a simple one! 

I'm calling this a "Stars and Stripes" tee shirt and not an American flag tee shirt because I just know someone is going to tell me that it doesn't have enough stars, stripes, or it doesn't start with a white or a red stripe... trust me when I say people know their Americana! We will just go with American flag inspired tee shirt 😉

So here ya go... First I put a large paper bag inside a navy blue tee shirt so the paint wouldn't bleed onto the back. I used 1" Frog tape painter's tape.  I blocked off the top and bottom of the shirt and gave it a few stripes. The number of stripes and the orientation you use is completely up to you! 

frog painter's tape on tee shirt

I also blocked off an area that I'm leaving blue for the field because the shirt is blue. 

Once all the areas I wanted painted were blocked off I began with an all purpose craft paint. I've used this one before and it was fine in the washer and dryer. 

painting in red stripes

I used a regular large paintbrush to dab the red paint up and down the stripes. I didn't cover the entire stripe because I was going for a grunge look. 

red stripes and tape

Then I pulled off the tape carefully while the paint was still damp. 

red stripes on tee shirt

Next, I let the stripes dry and used my favorite flag and star stencil set that comes in several star sizes. 

star stencil

I used white craft paint and dabbed with a paintbrush in the star area. I did just enough stars to stay within the rectangular shape I had created with the stripes. 

star and stripes painted on tee shirt

That's it! I hung it on a hanger to let it dry and my husband had a Memorial Day tee shirt! 

hanging flag tee shirt

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stars and stripes tee shirt with overlay

The shirt was dry and ready to wear the same day! 

man with flag tee shirt


blue tee shirt with stars and stripes

Who's the best wife now? 


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tee shirt with stars and stripes

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