Sunday, February 27, 2011

Painting the Hutch

The problem with changing one thing in a room 
is that it leads to more...
The hutch was green, it used to go very nicely with the green wallpaper that hung in my kitchen.  
(I dare to mention that this hutch was once white and I painted it green to begin with)
But once that wallpaper came down...
(well you know the story...)
I started out by giving it about 3 coats of
Behr white paint with primer.
(the primer part was very important)
(Are you noticing something strange?)
When I was finished I scraped all the windows with a razor blade to remove any paint that might be is on them. I might mention that the windows go all the way around both sides of the hutch.
You may notice that I left the inside of the hutch green. 
No, I wasn't lazy...
(though I will admit, I did paint it with everything inside)
...the fact is that almost all the dishes inside the hutch are white so I left the green to highlight the white.
 I gave all the flat surfaces 2 coats of 
Polycrylic Protective Finish by Minwax 
to protect the surfaces from scratches. 
And I think it looks about 300% better
in white! 
Don't you think so?
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tiny Master Bath

Welcome to the world's smallest master bathroom. 
This is a re-post of our bathroom project...

I started with new storage...
Target had these great wire baskets! 

They come in about 3 different colors, I chose the gray color that looked most like galvanized steel and they fit perfectly into the wall cubbies.

Don't be fooled by the steel numbers... they're not!
They are actually printed onto tin-look silver tag board!

 I traced an oval onto tracing paper so I could center the number through the paper...

Next, I scribbled on the back of the oval so I could trace around it and it would come out on the silver paper.

 Then I cut out the ovals, punched holes on each side of the number and tied them to the baskets.

Did they fool you?
They sure look like steel tags!

Next I added a bicycle basket to hold 
towels above the sink. 
(That tag is actually a steel tag!)

 Add a pretty white ruffled shower curtain...

And it's a pretty cute little bathroom, just about 
big enough to turn around in!...


Friday, February 25, 2011

I Was Featured!!!!

I was featured Two Times!

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Thank you so much for both of you for featuring my
It made getting tangled in the chicken wire, covered with paint and out in the snow all worth it!
Thank you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Penchant for Pedestals

Looking around this afternoon,
I'm seeing a new theme in my house...

 Can you see it?

 Do you know what it is?

 It's a pedestal of course...

 I think they're beautiful!

 Elegant, yet rustic...

 And ready to fill with favorites...

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've Been Featured!

Thank you All Things Heart and Home for featuring me!

All Things Heart and Home

I'm truly grateful that you liked my post!

Have a great day!

Chicken Wire Screen

I'm attempting to restyle the room divider screen I have in my kitchen. It matched the old kitchen wallpaper and since I just tore down all the old wallpaper, I thought I'd do something new and creative with the screen.

The fact that the inserts in the screen were cardboard made it a little easier...

A few punches and I was through...

How about some chicken wire? 
It's flexible, inexpensive and textural...
easy to work with...
Only problem... 
They don't make chicken wire that rusts anymore. 
Why anyone would want to buy shiny clean chicken wire, I don't know... 
so I bought a can of rust colored spray paint...
Did you ever try to paint chicken wire?
Let me tell you... it isn't easy!
As a matter of fact, it is darn near impossible! 

Picture this... I wrestled 3 pieces of chicken wire that kept rolling up as I tried to hold it down to a board and spray paint it...

And the fact that there is a foot of snow still on the ground here didn't help the situation...Need I say more?

And here's the wire...not as rust colored as I had hoped it would be and definitely not as rust colored as I was.

Anyway...I finished it. I was covered with paint and all scratched up but the chicken wire was not shiny and new anymore. 
When it was dry...
(well almost, what the heck I was already covered with paint...)
I stapled it to each of the 3 sections of the screen.

I also hammered nails onto the middle section and wound wire around them to make a place to hang photos.

The left side holds a sign...and maybe I'm thinking, 
a small chalkboard...

...on the right hangs a bulletin board I made.

 And here is the finished screen... It came out 
looking like I hoped it would before I began this project...
I'm a little beat up but I'm happy
with the results!

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