Painting a Large Hutch

The problem with changing one thing in a room 
is that it leads to more.

The hutch was green, it used to go very nicely with the green wallpaper that hung in my kitchen.  

(I dare to mention that this hutch was once white and I painted it green to begin with)

But once that wallpaper came down I started out by giving it about 3 coats of Behr white paint with primer.

When I was finished I scraped all the windows with a razor blade to remove any paint that was on them. 

I might mention that the windows go all the way around both sides of the hutch.

You may notice that I left the inside of the hutch green. 

I wasn't lazy, the fact is that almost all the dishes inside the hutch are white so I left the green to highlight the white.

I gave all the flat surfaces 2 coats of Polycrylic Protective Finish by Minwax to protect the surfaces from scratches. 

And I think it looks so much better in white! 

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