Tiny Master Bathroom Storage Solutions

Welcome to the world's smallest master bathroom.  Tiny Master Bathroom Storage Solutions

I started with new storage...

Target had these great wire baskets! 

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They come in about 3 different colors. 

I chose the gray color that looked most like galvanized steel and they fit perfectly into the wall cubbies.

Inexpensive Master Bathroom Storage Solutions

Storage solutions and DIY Numbered Tags

Storage solutions and Numbered Tags

DIY Tiny Bathroom Storage Solutions with numbered tags

DIY Storage solutions and Numbered Tags

Don't be fooled by the steel numbers... they're not!

They are actually printed onto tin-look silver tag board!

Numbered DIY tags

I traced an oval onto tracing paper so I could center the number through the paper.

Next, I scribbled on the back of the oval so I could trace around it and it would come out on the silver paper.


Then I cut out the ovals, punched holes on each side of the number and tied them to the baskets.

Did they fool you? They sure look like steel tags!

shelves with baskets

Next I added a bicycle basket to hold towels above the sink. 

DIY Repurposed Towel basket with fleurs tag


I added a pretty white ruffled shower curtain similar to this one.

White Shower curtain for tiny bathroom

towel basket with overlay

Tiny bathroom storage and organizing solutions.

And it's a pretty cute little bathroom, just about big enough to turn around in!

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