Making a DIY Glass Cloche

Perusing the isles in TJMaxx, and look what I found. 

Making a DIY Glass Cloche

I wasn't sure just what it was, but it reminded me of a cloche. I think it was a glass lamp shade. 

It had a gold leafed interior, no top and it was only $5 bucks! 

I couldn't really go too wrong, unless of course I broke it on the way home... (the darn thing is fragile and about 2 feet tall so that was a distinct possibility.)

How to Make a DIY Glass Cloche

But I made it! 

And when I got home I found the perfect base for it, an old Lazy Susan.
How to Make a DIY Glass Cloche with a Lazy Susan base

The first thing I had to do was to get the gold leaf off the inside of the glass so you can actually see through it. 

When I washed (and scraped) it out, there was a lacy patina left on the glass but I liked it!

How to Make a DIY Glass Cloche with a Lazy Susan base

The biggest problem now was that there was no top to this cloche.

Back to Good Will.

And Bingo!!! 

How to make a DIY glass cloche

I used E6000 to attach this piece to the top and voila!

It looks like a real vintage cloche!

How to make a glass cloche

Now I really like it! 

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