Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baking Pan Pedestal

I love the look of old baking pans...
The old aluminum reminds me of galvanized steel...

The buckle on this one is pretty cool too...

Since I inspired Laurel from
with my really big 

I decided to be inspired by her 
Right back at ya Laurel!

I started with an angel food cake pan on top,
and added a finial from an old lamp...
The finial I attached with E2000...

I used a metal pole for the shaft which screwed 
into the inside of the finial...
I used screws to attach all the pieces so it is very solid.

The metal "basket" on the bottom used to hold a glass dish.

I painted the finial, the shaft and the base black so they match.

All together I created a pedestal tower for
chips, plants, crafts, or whatever...

I'm thinking I will use it outside for plants...

Thanks for the inspiration Laurel!


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  1. Love it...looks great with your plants! Who knew baking pans could have so many uses...plants, k-cups, wreaths?? Hmmm...what's next??? Thanks for the mention!! Laurel

  2. Yours and Laurel's both turned out wonderful, and maybe it could also be a bird bath?


  3. Hi Susan - this is a great idea. I haven't fallen under the K-cup spell yet...but you've made great use of these items.

    I don't remember if you remember writing to me about Chalk Paint and where I purchased it - but I see that you've not had a problem with making your own and doing beautiful projects...plus an Etsy shop. That's terrific. I did try to write back to you...but it may have been before you had a blog. I am on Long Island (Great River)...you had written to me because I was close by.

    I still work as a decorative artist and designer - but I have been slowly putting together inventory to sell - hopefully getting a shop with lots of customers to allow me to place my items there. I've thought about Etsy - let me know how you are doing with it!

    Let's keep in touch.



  4. Hi Susan,
    Love this project. I have a couple of those pans and told Laurel she had inspired me as well.....now I just need to make it :)

  5. I love it! I've been collecting a few pans lately, you have inspired me now!

  6. Splendid blog! Good to know that baking pans can also be used for such purposes. Let me also try something different just like this with my baking pan.


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