Vintage Bakeware Tiered Tray

One of my favorite creations are tiered trays.

Vintage Bakeware Tiered Tray
I use vintage bakeware easily found at garage sales and thrift stores.

They go together pretty easily. 

For this one I'm using an old table leg. 

Vintage Bakeware DIY Tiered Tray

These trays are amazing for holding items in the bathroom, kitchen, or craft room. 

I begin by attaching the trays to the table leg using E6000 glue. 

When the glue is dry I use washers and screws on both the top and the bottom so the connections are solid.

Vintage Bakeware DIY Tiered Tray from repurposed furniture

Depending on the base bowl you use you can add another bowl upside down as a footing but on this tray the bowl base is completely level. 

The screw I added to the top is an eye screw so it acts as a finial and you can add a bow to it or as in this case a metal tag.

Vintage Bakeware DIY Tiered Tray from broken furniture

I painted the table leg a beautiful vintage green.

Vintage Bakeware Tiered Tray for the Kitchen

The patina on these vintage bowls is gorgeous... they look like they've never been used for baking. 

Vintage Bakeware Tiered Tray from broken furniture

You can see more tiered trays I made by clicking {here}.

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