Make Your Own Grain Sack Ribbon

8:30 AM

I love the look of grain sack ribbon lately so
I am remembering an earlier DIY project...

Here is an easy way for you to make grain sack ribbon yourself!

I began with washed and bleached drop cloth from Home Depot...

I cut a slit into the edge of the fabric making a 3" section
and I tore it all the way down the length of the fabric.

I removed the strings and was left with a long fringed ribbon...
don't worry about the fringe, it stays without unraveling.

Using a paint pen I drew a thick line and then 
2 thinner lines down the center of the ribbon...

I love the perfect imperfect grain sack look.

On another ribbon I wrote the word "joy" in gold paint 
and used this one at Christmas...

You can probably thing of a zillion uses for this...

Love it for hanging wreaths...

I use it everywhere...

Mantel ladder

Any ideas...? 
What might you use grain sack ribbon for?

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  1. I love it...!!...It looks just so perfect out there...:)...

  2. I bought some similar hand-stamped ribbon a while back and wondered how it was made. Duh. I'm a big proponent of using dropcloths for all sorts of things, this idea's a winner! Thanks!

  3. What a great idea! This is perfect for so many craft ideas.

  4. CAYUTE, and so doable for someone like me:) Happy 4th to you!~

  5. Such a great idea! I don't think if I were to write Joy that many times it would look so good, you have a great hand! Pinning!


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