Basement Laundry Room & Laundry Signs

I'm celebrating a new washer and dryer with hand-made
laundry signs.

basement laundry room

Every laundry room needs something to celebrate.

How about new wall art, a hand-made laundry sign?

For these signs I used my vinyl cutting machine and
in this demonstration I show how to use the vinyl 2 ways, 
making it cost effective by creating 2 signs from one cut.

The wood for these signs was found on the side of the road.

Reclaimed floor boards, they were chippy, painty and
full of reclaimed goodness!

I was able to make 2 signs from one vinyl cut.

One sign was made with individual vinyl letters.  

The other sign used the (negative) vinyl that was left over after the letters were removed.

No waste here!

This sign is black on white and heavily distressed.

chippy laundry signs

I painted the wood for this sign off-white. 

I applied the negative vinyl then repainted white inside the letters before I painted the black to reduce seepage.

When the black was dry, I peeled off the stencil and used clear wax for protection.

The other sign is white on black with dark wax.

black laundry sign

For this sign I began by painting the wood white.  

I carefully applied each individual vinyl letter then painted over the letters with white, again to prevent seepage. 

When the white paint was dry, I painted black over the entire sign with black paint. 

When the black paint was dry, I removed the vinyl letters.

2 laundry signs

Fixing up my basement laundry room has been my new obsession. and if you missed it I also created a new folding 

table with a grain sack stripe

This table was another great find from  the side of the road. 

grain sack table with stripes

I am looking for all great things to say about doing laundry!

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