Weigh In on an Antique Scale Tray

Recently I shared great pictures from a junk yard 
I visited while on a recent road trip.

One of my fabulous finds was a vintage hanging scale. 
The only problem was that it was missing the hanging tray... so....

First I checked Ebay for a replacement tray or basket 
with no luck. So I did what I do... 

I re-purposed a few random thrift store finds
to create the hanging tray I needed. 

Actually, I made 3 different trays because
in my research I found a few different options that
I could re-create pretty easily.

Option #1...
The first one I made from a metal thrift store plate and 
old swing set chains...

I drilled 3 holes in the tray and attached swing set chains so the
tray was balanced and hung evenly. Then I spray painted the tray and chains flat black. I left a little rust showing on the chains so 
they matched the vintage scale.

The second tray I made is made from an old metal cake pan 
and thick aluminum wire. 

 I shaped the wire to look like tray I had seen on line.

 I drilled holes in the cake pan and bent the wire through the holes.

The tray and wire were then painted with an oil rubbed bronze paint giving it an authentic vintage look.

Option #2...

The second tray certainly looks more authentic however,
 truth be told...
it needs to be perfectly balanced in order to hold the fruit.
(not good if you plan on using it and not just looking at it)

Enter option #3...
I think I was on the right track with the swing set chains.
This time I left them rusty and added a rusty wire basket.

There is rust on the scale, rust on the chains, and
rust on the basket so it is a very cohesive look, 
and actually works the best.

So which do you like better?

 #1.... The tray that hangs from the chains?

#2... The tray that hangs from the wire?
#3... The basket that hangs from the rusty chains?

Weigh in (no pun intended) and 
let me know which scale tray you like better on this 
vintage hanging scale.

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