Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair

6:00 AM

To say that I am skeptical about painting
fabric with chalk paint is an understatement...

But in the name of science and all that is crafty,
I'm painting a fabric chair with Annie Sloan chalk paint today...

This is the chair...

Don't get me wrong, I like the chair. 
It's Polynesian-funky with an autumn leaf flair.

Today... it is the sacrificial lamb...

I began by mixing Annie Sloan Pure White with a little bit of 
French Linen, about a 3/1 ratio, then I added about 50% water.

I painted it on all over the chair... fabric, wood and all.

"Ok," I was thinking, 
"if this doesn't work out the chair can be tossed to the curb..."
(In a black garbage bag so the neighbors don't see it)

I let 2 coats of the light gray dry and then I went back
over just the fabric with Pure White 
with just a hint of gray this time.

I am literally talking to myself the whole time I'm 
painting... "Do I like it?" 
"Is it going to be crunchy when it dries?" 
"Will it crack?"
"Is anyone ever going to want to sit in this chair?"

"Where can I dump this chair when I'm finished?"

When the paint was dry... 
about 12 hours later with the dehumidifier next to it, 
I waxed the fabric... waxed.... yes I did!

I researched Annie Sloan's paint for fabric and most
people suggest waxing the fabric when the paint is dry
to give it a "leathery feeling."

When the wax was semi-dry I hand painted red grain sack stripes. 
I didn't use painter's tape this time because I wanted the stripes to look natural on the fabric.

Now after all the skepticism and all the talking to myself
during this process... I am thrilled!

The painted fabric looks like painters cloth and feels like a soft leather!... even close up!

The fabric is not hard and crunchy like I thought.
It actually does feel like a thick painter's cloth. 
(I am sure this will depend on the original fabric and how well it takes the paint)

Even the Polynesian-funky looks a lot better painted gray.

I put the chair in my bedroom because the stripe
matches the pillow on my bed. I'm not sure 
about the chair but I do like the painted fabric and the stripe!

What do you think? 
Will you ever try chalk painting fabric?

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  1. LOVE it....hmmm, now you've got me thinking. I have a upholstered little stool that needs a re-do. I might try it too :) Thanks!! Laurel

  2. Susan, I have wondered about painting fabric with chalk paint. SO glad your lil' lamb gave it's life to prove it can be done ;)
    ~ Deanna

  3. wow - what a great look!! I'd love to know what this looks like after a few months of use, if it cracks or breaks off or whatever.

    Keep us posted!!!

    Love the final look!!

  4. Found you at A Stroll Thru Life party...I love your chair. Someday, I want to paint fabric just to see hoe it looks and feels. You have given me to find a sacrifice lol. Now following you.

  5. My friends laughed at me when I said my plan was to paint the cushions in for my vintage I'm going to do it for sure...What a wonderfully cheap way to make a change!!
    Thanks for the reassurance!

  6. I've been just as skeptical, so I'm glad to read of your good experience! I'll have to keep it in mind some day!

  7. I never would have thought of painting fabric with chalk paint. Everything else - yes, but hadn't considered fabric. Thanks for sharing. Great job!


  8. This chair is adorable and the pillow is just perfect. What a great project, so glad that you took the chance. What are you going to paint next?
    Come visit,

  9. Looks Great! So trendy now,

  10. I would have never thought! WOW this is really cool, thanks for sharing with us. :-) Have a blessed day!

  11. Great chair, and I love the added stripe. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  12. I love it and have not tried this yet either. I need a victim. Would love you to share at my wow us Wednesdays party.

  13. wow, you are creative....I love the red color of the paint....not too bright!!! Christine from Little Brags

  14. favorite red and white pillow now has a matching chair. Where did you even find that chair? I love the wood on it and now it really looks special. with it's new paint. Great job!

  15. super job Susan! I have always wanted to paint fabric, but have never had the right subject. ;)

    your chair, fabric and all looks soooo great!


  16. You're my hero. I keep wanting to try this and can't get the guts.

  17. Susan...awesome job!!! She looks great!!! I have to say, the chair we've had in the shop since December, which was also holding up beautifully! It actually gets even softer with use. That Chalk Paint® is quite the miracle worker ; )


  18. I'm still in the "hmmmmmm" stage of debate on painting fabric. I want to try it, but I need the perfect chair like you described - one that I won't mind tossing if I don't like it, or keeping if I do!

  19. Hi Susan, I'm so happy I saw this post. I have a really great wing chair that I just love and it needs new upholstery but I really can't afford to have it done so I am thinking about painting it. I, too, have heard of a few who are doing it and now I'm certain it's the route I want to go. Hopefully, I will get to it before too long. I'm excited. It looks really good..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  20. It looks great! I am going to try to chalk paint two linen lamp shades in the next few weeks.

  21. I featured your gorgeous chair today! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspired!! Pinned for some extra luv!!

  22. That is unbelievable--it looks amazing!

  23. I have painted a lamp shade with chalk paint, but it needs another coat as well as painting on the inside. I can see little holes of light when it is lit. Your chair turned out great and I can't wait to try my hand at painting fabric!

  24. Looks great! But!!! Does the wax come off on your clothes when body heat warms it?!

    1. Absolutely not! The wax cures and dries to a hard shine.

  25. Fantastic job! Well done. Can't wait to try this on a chair. I have painted lamp shades with ASCP. Works GREAT!

  26. Why did you choose to add the stripe after the wax? Will the stripe wear off more quickly without being sealed?

    1. The stripe was an after thought actually... and using Annie Sloan Chalk paint, you can paint over anything including the wax. I re waxed over the stripe too. :)

  27. Very nice, Job. Did you only do one coat of wax or 2+. What did you use to buff it with? I did a wingback chair in Emperor's silk and it looks great. I'm worried that when I buff the chair the buffing material will stay on the fabric or something.


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