Driftwood Wind Chimes

Here is what I created today from this basketful of gorgeous driftwood from my latest trip to the beach.

Basket of driftwood pieces

The discovery of an old weathered rope added to my excitement for this project...

Most of the driftwood I found was about the same size, I chose 8 of my favorite pieces and drilled a hole through each. 

The hole I made had to be large enough for the weathered rope to be threaded through the driftwood.

I tied a loop in one end of the rope, threaded on my first piece, then tied a knot close to the wood. 

I repeated this until I had all the driftwood tied onto the rope with a knot between each piece.

Three photos of driftwood added to rope

On the other end of the rope I tied on an old rusty bell.I wrapped the end in leather to finish it off.

Rusty bell attached with leather on rope

wind chime with rusty bell

 the wooden dinger in the rusty bell makes a beautiful sound.

Too bad there is no sound in blogging!

Rusty cow bell

The wind chimes look and sound beautiful and are perfect for the summer deck.

Wind chime driftwood with knotted rope inbetween
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