Extra Large Cupcake Tray

Today I'm revisiting a thrift store favorite using
an assortment of metal trays... large, larger and huge!...

and a salt and pepper mill set...

First I took apart the salt shaker,
and attached it to the bottom tray with screws. 

I took apart the pepper mill and took out the long metal rod
that went all the way up the mill to the finial.

I used a saw to cut the pepper mill into several pieces 
and layered the other 2 trays in between...

Then replaced the rod from the pepper mill, it went through all of the pieces so I could re-attached the top of the mill and screw the finial back on top.

 E6000 glue added extra strength...
(after all, this monster is almost 3' high!) 

I primed and painted it white...

added rubber legs to the bottom for stability, 
distressed the wooden center pole, 
and used wax to secure the finish....

and here is the finished cupcake stand at last night's party...

(VERY red and green cupcakes taken with the phone camera)

It worked great!

This cupcake tray was used to display small
items at a local flea market and was sold right
out from under me!


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