How to Use Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair

To say that I am skeptical about painting
fabric with chalk paint is an understatement!

 Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair

But in the name of science and all that is crafty,

I'm painting a fabric chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® today.

This is the chair...

 Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair

Don't get me wrong, I like the chair. It's Polynesian-funky with an autumn leaf flair.

Today it is the sacrificial lamb.

I began by mixing Annie Sloan Pure White with a little bit of French Linen, about a 3/1 ratio, then I added about 50% water.

I painted it on all over the chair, fabric, wood and all.

 Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair with grain sack

While I was painting I was thinking...

"if this doesn't work out the chair can be tossed to the curb..."
(In a black garbage bag so the neighbors don't see it)

I let 2 coats of the light gray dry and then I went back over just the fabric with Pure White with just a hint of gray this time.

 Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair

I am literally talking to myself the whole time I'm painting... "Do I like it?" 

"Is it going to be crunchy when it dries?" 

"Will it crack?"

"Is anyone ever going to want to sit in this chair?"

"Where can I dump this chair when I'm finished?"

 Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair

When the paint was dry... about 12 hours later with the dehumidifier next to it, I waxed the fabric... yes I did!

I researched Annie Sloan's paint for fabric and most people suggest waxing the fabric when the paint is dry to give it a "leathery feeling."

When the wax was semi-dry I hand painted red grain sack stripes. 

I didn't use painter's tape this time because I wanted the stripes to look natural on the fabric.

 Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair with a grain sack stripe

Now after all the skepticism and all the talking to myself during this process... I am thrilled!

The painted fabric looks like painters cloth and feels like a soft leather!... even close up!

 Chalk Paint on a Fabric Chair with a red grain sack stripe

The fabric is not hard and crunchy like I thought. 

It actually does feel like a thick painter's cloth. 

Even the Polynesian-funky looks a lot better painted gray.

Fabric Chair painted with chalk paint with a red grain sack stripe

I put the chair in my bedroom because the stripe
matches the pillow on my bed. 

I'm not sure about the chair but I do like the painted fabric and the stripe!

What do you think? 

Will you ever try chalk painting fabric?

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