Striped Enamel Pedestal Dish

6:02 AM

I love everything with stripes.

I wear stripes all the time.... 
I have stripes all over my house.

I think it is the graphic nature of stripes 
that appeals to me.... I'm also a lover of red.

So when I found these enamel, red striped plates...

I knew right away they were perfect!

I had the perfect paint and the perfect metal part 
left over from an old, outdoor lamp...

I attached the enamel plate to the metal base with E6000

and that's it!

Nothing else.

It turned out to be an adorable nautical looking pedestal dish!
I love how the edges of the plate have little chips in the enamel.

I just love it and it took no time!

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  1. It turned out so beautiful! I really love that lamp part that you added to it. That's such a smart idea. :)

  2. well, susan--aren't those pedestal plates the cutest! :)

    stripes are fun!

  3. My eyes play tricks on me all the time..... but you can't fool me, I know that isn't dehydrated cauliflower.


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