Monday, November 4, 2013

Vintage Garden Tool Hooks

Creating hooks with vintage garden tools...

vintage rake rack
Over the years I've accumulated a collection of 
old hand rake garden tools. 

vintage rake rack

Today I'm putting them together to create a hook rack.

vintage rake rack

Using screws and nuts I attached each rake 
to an old stained fence board. 

The top rakes needed a little help so I attached a small piece of wood underneath the rake to create the perfect hook angle.

vintage rake rack

Two large "D" hooks on the back of the 
board are strong enough to hold whatever you need to hang.

vintage rake rack

vintage rake rack

A great addition to the mud room.

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  1. Love this idea Susan! If we had a mud room, I would definitely look to add something like this because no one in my house knows how to hang anything up. LOL!


  2. You are SO talented! I can't believe some of the things your mind conceives.

  3. Have I told you that I LOVE this?? I'll tell you again :)

  4. This is so darn cute, Susan! Love it!


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