Boiled Wool Christmas Trees

Sometimes Crafting and Thrifting go hand in hand...
like when I found a beautiful green, boiled wool jacket.

boiled wool Christmas trees

The sweater was almost free so the price was certainly right, but I'm not a boiled wool jacket kind of lady so 
I got out my scissors and started cutting.

green boiled wool jacket

I got enough triangles out of this jacket to fill a basket...

Cutting boiled wool is easy and it doesn't ravel. I sewed each of the triangles around 2 sides leaving the bottom open for stuffing.

boiled wool fabric

I added a distressed clothespin for the stem and a rusty bell at the top for junky bling.... 

both of these aging techniques can be found by clicking the links.

large and small boiled wool christmas trees

The little boiled wool tree ornaments are perfect for tying to a package or hanging from a tree. 

boiled wool Christmas trees

Beautiful too in a bowl or basket on display.


This basket full of trees is going to be sold at a local craft fair.

boiled wool Christmas trees

A great use for a great old jacket!

Update:  They sold like hotcakes at the craft fair! 

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