Craft Fair Ideas and Displays

After stock piling my handmade items for a few years now,
the time had come for my first craft fair.

I was super excited... until I saw my space!

That was it... What was I supposed to do with this tiny area?

I would have an 8' x 16" table in this space. It is inside the library along a small blank wall and I could block only one of the doors.

Now I may be wrong but that doesn't look like much space... 

I had a LOT of stuff!

Being new at this I wasn't sure how to proceed. But I knew my only choice was to go up.

In my basement stash I had what I hoped to be the solution.

An old wooden screen door and the cover to a radiator that I had found on the side-of-the-road.

I added horizontal shelves and clips to each one.  These 2 shelving units could lean against the wall and hold items for display.

I used several old crates to go up the wall to give my booth height... I filled every inch of that little space and it looked great.

I handed out business cards and had an ipad playing Christmas music while displaying the Homeroad home page so visitors could see what it was all about. 

This was the beginning of something fun I could feel it!

I had a great time at my first sale. I sold almost everything. 

My prices were good, my overhead was low, and my stock over-floweth.

For 2 whole days it was fun to promote Homeroad and what I do for fun. This was the first time I had ever put myself out there and told anyone about what I love to do. 

People were excited to buy my repurposed crafts and to learn about making great use of old junk.

I do have to say... I'm pooped. It is a big job!

I think I'll start collecting for my next craft fair now!

This year, 4 years later,  the fair is bigger and better and I'm once again selling my handmade projects.  

I want to thank everyone for 5 years of your support buying, commenting, and supporting my little business. :)

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