Vintage Iron Trivet

Today I went to a white elephant fair at our church. 

vintage iron trivet photo holder

Aside from the usual stuff nobody wanted, things
even I couldn't think of any possible way to repurpose,
there was one item that called to me from across the room.

In between the old ash trays, ugly collectables, and faded candles I saw this vintage iron trivet.

I think I heard the church bells ring at the exact moment I spotted this.

I gasped a little as I dived for it through a room full of old women filling large bags.

So now for 50 cents... it is mine.

vintage iron trivet photo holder

Not only was it rusty and have a hole in the top for hanging 
but it was magnetic!!!  

Yes it was!

vintage iron trivet photo holder
Those 3 beauties in the picture are my grandmother and her 2 sisters.
So despite the lack of much else to bring home
today, I'm super excited about the iron trivet!

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  1. You always see the magic immediately! I so admire that.

  2. I love it!! I can think of so many places to put that in my house

  3. I'm glad nobody was hurt in your dive for this fun find!

  4. Yep! It's a winner alright! Nice job.

  5. My mom used to have one of those and a soda bottle with a shaker top to sprinkle water on the stuff she ironed.

  6. My best friends mom used one very similar to rest her iron on. We always set our iron upright and I often worried about the hot iron resting on it. A blast from the past!!

  7. Oh it is FABULOUS!!!!! I would have heard Church Bells Ring too!!!! You did it is picture perfect! : ) HUGS...featuring it today!

  8. I LOVE this trivet and how you've repurposed it!! I would've dove through old women to get it, too (maybe even pushed one down-JK! :)


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