Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments

I'm beginning to thing about about Christmas.

diy Christmas ornaments from jenga blocks. Homeroad.net

Today I'm repurposing Jenga® blocks into Christmas ornaments.

You know the game, the one where you pile up all the
blocks then pull some out of the middle trying to keep
the tower from toppling down.

I found a box of these blocks at a yard sale.

Truth be told, I'm not a big game player so today I'm doing what I do best... 

I'm turning the Jenga® blocks into something else!

I began by drilling a couple of holes into the top of each one.

I gave them a quick coat of white primer.

Using my Silhouette machine I printed out the words
love, peace, and hope and adhered them to each block.

Each block got a coat of red chalky paint over the top of the vinyl lettering. 

When the paint was dry I removed the vinyl.

Each block was then sanded to distress, and waxed with dark wax to give it an aged look.

I inserted a 16 gauge wire through the drilled holes.

And the ornaments are ready!

Repurposed rustic wooden ornaments from Jenga blocks. Homeroad.net

Three ornaments... peace, love, and hope are packaged and ready for Christmas.

DIY repurposed rustic jenga block ornaments for Christmas. Homeroad.net

Ten packages sold out quickly at the craft fair!

Do you sell at craft sales? 
Do you think it is worth the work?

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