Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments

6:00:00 AM

I'm beginning to thing about about Christmas....

Today I'm repurposing Jenga® blocks
into Christmas ornaments...

You know the game, the one where you pile up all the
blocks then pull some out of the middle trying to keep
the tower from toppling down.

I had a collection of these blocks from a yard sale... 
Truth be told, I'm not a big game player so 
today I'm doing what I do best... 

I'm turning
 the Jenga® blocks into something else!

I drilled a couple of holes into the top of each one...

Then gave them a quick coat of white primer.

Using my Silhouette machine I printed out the words
love, peace, and hope and adhered them to each block.

Each block got a coat of ASCP primer red paint over the top
of the vinyl lettering. When the paint was dry I removed the vinyl.

Each block was then sanded to distress, and
waxed with dark wax to give it an aged look.

I inserted a 16 gauge wire through the drilled holes...

And the ornaments are ready!

Three ornaments... peace, love, and hope
are packaged and ready for Christmas.

Ten packages sold out at the craft fair!

Do you sell at craft sales? 
Do you think it is worth the work?

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  1. Perfect repurpose. I'm a wood hoarder too, all shapes and sizes I can't bear to throw it out! Glad to hear they went well at the sale and good luck at the library event.

  2. I love craft fairs and yes it's worth the work!! It is one of the few times that you meet people that "get" you and what your doing! Never do you get paid for the time you put in, but you also get to work between driving kids around and being a mom!! :)
    I love them!!

  3. Love them Susan! such sweet ornaments, and the color is great!
    Yes, I sell at craft fairs, and no, I don't think it's worth the work. lol
    I sell so I can move the items I blog about.
    As I was unloading the truck I thought to myself... one day loading, one day at the show, and another day unloading. Not to mention all the time spent creating the pieces.
    That's why I only do one show a year. :)

  4. They came out great! Jenga never looked so good! I'm not surprised they were snatched up at the fair. I would have grabbed them too. =)


  5. I love them! Little things often take the most work for the least return, BUT they are necessary, add a lot to the look of your booth and can add up!

  6. Now I need to look for Jenga (along with Scrabble) at garage sales!!
    I only did one craft sale and it was not for me--especially since the sale didn't get much traffic. But I had put too much pressure on myself and was too worried about recouping my costs to do another one.

  7. I have these too (and I don't mean the giant jenga game we have for parties!). I saved the little ones for some reason, now I know what to do with them. Very cute.

  8. Nice Up cycle for those little blocks ;-)


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