Mounted Hand Cut Snowflakes

6:20:00 AM

My oldest daughter is a master snowflake cutter.

hand cut snowflake

She came up with a great project to mount her little treasures.

Many nights we get together for crafting and this is what my kitchen counter looks like!

hand cut snowflake

Today we are mounting hand cut snowflakes onto 5" x 5" boards.  

We have different styles so it is interesting to see how different our projects came out.

She painted her boards navy blue and grey.

Each snowflake was decoupaged to a board using Modge Podge.

hand cut snowflake

Using the Silhouette we cut out the words frosty and merry
and attached them to each board. 

If you're not a super snowflake cutter you could always cut one on the vinyl cutter or mount a craft store version. 

hand cut snowflake

This is what my daughter was doing as I was creating my 
own kind of snowflake plaque.

I also decoupaged my snowflake but mine was onto a small piece of reclaimed wood.

hand cut snowflake decorations

I added rusty barrel strapping around the edges as a frame and hung it from a piece of jute with rusty hardware.

hand cut snowflake decorations

I made a smaller one too with glittered edges.

hand cut snowflake decorations

It is hard to see in the pictures but the snowflake is sprinkled with a dusting of clear glitter.

hand cut snowflake decorations

Two different takes on one mother-daughter project.


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  1. Oh, I really love these! I want to make some now.

  2. Oh, I really love these! I want to make some now.

  3. I can't tell which one I like the most! Wonderful project!

  4. Great idea.... apple/tree! Happy Thanksgiving...xo

  5. Love your re-purposed wood with metal edging!

  6. Do you both know how lucky you are that you have each other to enjoy doing things like this?

  7. So sweet that you guys did them together. They are really adorable! Can your daughter teach me to do snowflakes b/c I stink! Seriously, tried to do some with my boys on Tuesday and they were pitiful. =(



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