A Rusty Galvanized Tree

7:14:00 AM

In the spirit of Christmas and all that is junky...
today I cut apart a rusty, galvanized planter that
was doomed for the trash.  

rusty, galvanized Christmas Picture www.homeroad.net

Armed with a pair of tin snips and my imagination...

I cut the planter into shapes and
pieces to make a Christmas tree.

rusty, galvanized Christmas Picture www.homeroad.net

I laid out the cut pieces onto a piece of white reclaimed wood, layering the rusty side with the galvanized side.

rusty, galvanized Christmas Picture www.homeroad.net

rusty, galvanized Christmas Picture www.homeroad.net

Using screws and a power screwdriver I screwed on each tree piece over the one underneath so the screws didn't show. 

When the piece was finished, I hot glued on the metal ribbon details, the star, presents at the bottom, 
and the word JOY at the top.

rusty, galvanized Christmas Picture www.homeroad.net

I added a metal ribbon around the edge of the board for a frame.

rusty, galvanized Christmas Picture www.homeroad.net

When the whole piece was finished I brushed a coat of dark 
wax over the entire picture to give the background depth.

rusty, galvanized Christmas Picture www.homeroad.net

And here it is.... a rusty, galvanized, framed 
Christmas masterpiece!

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  1. That is beautiful. What a great idea. It could not be more perfect.

  2. Now....that is cute! Great job and very original!
    Merry Christmas...

  3. I LOVE everything about this... the metal, the rust, the tree, the garland, the lettering!! AWESOME masterpiece indeed!! :)

  4. What a super idea!! Not just having the idea but creating it!! Fantastic, I love it. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  5. You are a genius - once again / I adore this rusty metal stuff / let's have rusty metal craft night


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