Sparkle Garland for New Year's Eve

5:24:00 PM

Repurpose foil Christmas ribbon into sparkling garland for your New Year's Eve party.

New Year's Eve Party Sparkle Ribbon

Adding a little bling to your party glasses and decorations
is as easy as repurposing your leftovers...

Today I'm using 1" gold and silver foil ribbon.

I cut little snips close together all the way down the length of the ribbon being careful not to cut straight through. 

If you use thicker ribbon you can cut from both sides into the middle leaving an uncut space down the center of the ribbon.

New Year's Eve Party Sparkle Ribbon

Holding the ribbons with the back sides together, start twisting every couple of inches all the way down the ribbon.

New Year's Eve Party Sparkle Ribbon

And you're done!

You can create different lengths of sparkle ribbon for different projects.

New Year's Eve Party Sparkle Ribbon

Wrap it around a rusty spring for a blinged out tea light.

New Year's Eve Party Sparkle Ribbon

Wrap shorter lengths around the stem of your wine glasses for a festive New Year's look.

New Year's Eve Party Sparkle Ribbon

New Year's Eve Party Sparkle Ribbon

Try other colors and thicknesses of 
ribbon for different sparkly looks.

An easy and inexpensive way to add a little bling to your
New Year's Eve!

Before you go check out my 

also shared on NBC

This was one of the projects I showed on
NBC News NY on December 26th a few years ago.


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  1. Love this idea! Makes everything look so festive! Will check out the video!


  2. Brilliant! Great for any festivity... Easter... Halloween!


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