Modern Masters Paint and a Shimmering Holiday Mantel

I'm trying new decorative paint today and I 
have to say I'm loving it!

Modern Masters has many paints in different 
colors, patinas, and shimmers.

I chose the Metallic paints to work with on this project. 
 Silver, Hunter Green, Sashay Red, and Snowflake
paint colors for my Holiday project.

My mantel is a 12 foot long focal point in my 
family room. Visible to everyone who enters my home
so my mantel displays have to be substantial.

Shimmering Holiday Mantel

I began this project by using the Snowflake paint to paint a huge mirror I found on the side-of-the-road. 

Snowflake is a very smooth pearl like metallic white. 

I used the Sashay Red to paint candy cane 
stripes down the sides of the mirror and then gave
it a little sanding to distress. 

In front of the mirror I painted another empty frame with candy cane stripes, I layered it in front of the large mirror. 

I then added a boxwood wreath to the center of the mirror.

Shimmering Holiday Mantel

The metal sleigh is painted in the Modern Masters Metallic Silver. The paint goes on smoothly and one coat 
covered the originally black sleigh completely. 

Shimmering Holiday Mantel

Natural elements found in the outdoors give the mantel a rustic
holiday feeling.  The spiky green balls are from a Sweet Gum tree and are painted with Snowflake to resemble little snowballs.

Shimmering Holiday Mantel

The pinecones are all painted with the metallic paints. I brushed the bottom and the sides of each pinecone with one coat of paint then sprinkled matching glitter over the shimmering paint. 

I love the way this metallic paint covered in just one coat. 

I couldn't be happier with my Shiny and Bright Holiday mantel 

I highly recommend Modern Masters paint and can't wait to try all 
the other different colors and patinas!

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