Sunday, December 8, 2013

Junky Angel

Creating with pieces of leftover furniture
is one of my favorite things to do...

Today creating this angel captured my imagination and my heart.

Using pieces from around the workshop including a broken
chair and stained fence pieces led me 
to create a one of a kind junky angel...

The head is a spindle from an old bed...

Her flowing skirt is a piece of chicken wire 
and rusty ribbon...

Her lovely wings are the hinges from an old gate...

These pieces along with pieces from my shop

created a lovely angel that can sit by the Christmas hearth
or welcome guests at the front door.

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  1. Your angel is just too cute! Everything fits together like one fine Christmas puzzle! :)

  2. nice job on your angel.....I enjoy coming to your blog to see what you are up many wonderful ideas.....I have been changing my look around here at my place.....I was primitive and now I am what I call earthy comfy casual....I just added your blog to my blog list....

    1. Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by! Your blog pictures are beautiful!

  3. You really have a knack for creating beautiful items out of items I would never even think about! Truly amazing!


  4. Wow, I wish my brain worked like yours. I can't imagine how you come up with all this stuff.

  5. Beautiful Christmas sweet, vintage and pure!
    Happy Holidays !!


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