Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Junky Snowman Ornament

Today I'm sharing another project completely created from 
scraps, junk, and old hardware.

This 3" x 5" snowman began on a scrap of painted wood...
The edges of the board are framed with a metal ribbon.

Hardware and metal pieces from my 
workbench became the snowman. 

A doorknob bracket for the bottom snowball 
and washers for the body. 

The pieces are screwed, nailed, and glued in place,
held until dry by clamps.

Screws and a metal tack for the face, 
a rusty piece from the metal 
on a barrel became his hat and shovel. 

Painter's cloth for the scarf, wire for his arms,
a nut with glitter glue embellishes his rusty hat.

Epsom salts sprinkled over glitter glue becomes
the snow on the fence and the shovel.

A wired handle at the top is attached with 2 screws
and this little cutie is ready to hang. 

I'm decorating my junk styled home for the holidays!


  1. Too cute!! I love how you assembled your snowman from all the bits and pieces!

  2. Amazing talent! Absolutely love this!!! Is it a keeper, or will it be in your Etsy shop?? - Julia

    1. Julia that is so nice! I'm not selling this one but I may make more for next season... thanks for you interest :)

    2. Let me know if you do. I would definitely be interested. Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. This is brilliant! pinning it to recycled repurposed board and so many others!

  4. Seriously, your best one yet!


  5. This is so cute!!! Happiest Holidays and Merry Christmas! xo Holly


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