Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monogrammed New Year's Eve Glasses

New Year's Eve is fast approaching
and the perfect opportunity to
offer beautifully monogrammed 
gold glasses to your guests.

New Years Monogrammed Wine Glasses

I began this project using inexpensive wine glasses,
champagne flutes are also perfect for the occasion.

New Years Monogrammed Wine Glasses
glitter paint

Using tape I sectioned off a spot on my glass for 
a square design. Using letter stickers readily available 
in your local craft store I centered an "S" in the square.

New Years Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Gold metallic paint, or glitter paint if you prefer,
and a sponge applicator are all you need to 
stamp the paint onto the glass.

New Years Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Another design I tried was a circle cut from vinyl. 
I applied the outside of the circle to my glass, centered 
the monogram "S", then painted over the monogram. 

Before the paint was completely
dry I used a pin to gently remove the vinyl and the sticker.

New Years Monogrammed Wine Glasses

The result is an easy and inexpensive project creating 
beautifully monogrammed glasses
perfect for your New Year's Eve Party.

New Years Monogrammed Wine Glasses

New Years Monogrammed Wine Glasses

After curing time, these glasses are hand washable.

This project was shared on NBC NY channel 4 
with Lynda Baquero.... check us out!


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  1. beautiful glasses Susan! Good luck with the segment!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and wishing you all the best for 2014!


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