Thursday, March 6, 2014

Backgammon Chalkboard Shelf

Backgammon chalkboard

A repurpose from West Elm clearance...

On a recent trip to West Elm they had a clearance
table, everything on it was $2.95.

Backgammon chalkboard

They had a great old fashioned looking Backgammon game. I don't remember how to play Backgammon from back in my college days, but I sure liked the vintage looking board.  

I removed the center hinges and painted the inside of one side with chalkboard paint. I added trim, a metal handle to the top (that I made myself from a piece of metal), 
and a repurposed wooden shelf. 

I kept the label on the back in tact because it was so great looking.

I stenciled on the word Notes...

Backgammon chalkboard

And this beauty is ready for chalk!

Backgammon chalkboard

Stop by my Etsy shop if you are interested
in purchasing this unique backgammon chalkboard.

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  1. Nice work! Did you typeset "notes"? If so, may I ask the font?

    1. Thanks so much Richard. I stenciled on the word "notes" with a Silhouette machine. I bought the whole word.


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