Repurposed Brand New Clock

I'm repurposing my brand new clock today...

repurposed Kensington clock
Why you ask?

I just loved it... but it didn't work. The mechanism was broken. 

Happily, the company returned my money the minute I mentioned the problem.

They told me to keep the clock and to "make something out of it".

Hahaha they must know me!

So I did... I took the clock apart.

repurposed Kensington clock

These are the two pieces I was left with and now I'm loving both of them!

The metal frame was awesome... 

repurposed Kensington clock

I cut out a circle of cork the same size as the inner circle of the metal frame.

Using E6000 I glued the cork to the inner circle then lined it with a length of repurposed rope.

repurposed Kensington clock

Antique stained clothespins hold photos onto the metal edges of the cork board.

What happened to the rest of the clock you ask?

I originally bought it for my gallery wall and the fact that it no longer works didn't matter a bit!

repurposed Kensington clock

I have no shortage of clocks in this house... 
they are something I have a serious problem hoarding.

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