DIY Sea Glass Votives

Recently I saw beautiful votive candle holders in a catalog and I wanted to recreate the look myself...

With major inspiration from these jars from

I figured out how to recreate the look myself. 

I used Outdoor Mod Podge and Vitrea Glass Paint for this project. If you don't have the glass paint you can use blue and green food coloring. I basically only added enough glass paint to the Mod Podge to give it the color I wanted. This can be done in any color, I used turquoise!
Using Outdoor Mod Podge means I can use these on my deck when the weather gets nicer.

I brushed on a light coat of the mixture and let it dry...
This sea glass glass lidded jar used only one coat for a beautiful light color.

The glass votives were given three coats. Each coat was
painted on in a different direction. The result is a textured finish and by painting in different directions it gives the glass beautiful linen-like texture.

The color is textured and varied. It can come out lighter in some places than others which I think adds to the beauty.

The Mod Podge Outdoor says to let 
the finish dry for 72 hours and then it
can be used outdoors.

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