Spring Planters and a Dumpster Fail!

My last dive into a dumpster
yielded an antique chair and an injury...

rusty springs

I saw the chair leg with the rusty castor at the top of the dumpster from across the parking lot! 


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rusty springs with succulents

I climbed up the ladder on the outside of the dumpster and proceeded to try and lift out the broken chair. 

The chair was perfect... rusty springs, carved legs, a gorgeous chair back, I had to have it. 

Only problem is that I forget sometimes that I am not a kid anymore.

I leaned over the dumpster, grabbed the chair and started to pull.

The only thing that gave way was me. 

I think I cracked a rib in the process and let me tell you... it hurt like heck!

But after all that you can bet I got that chair!!!  

rusty springs with terra cotta pots

The rusty springs were the first things I used in a project.

You can read about more of the rusty spring projects by visiting these posts.  

I had them cut in half by a neighbor that had strong bold cutters in his garage. 

I painted several small terra cotta pots and attached them to the top of the springs using E6000 glue.

rusty springs with terra cotta pots and overlay

terra cotta pots in rusty springs

A little Spanish moss and a stencil and these little pots are ready for action!

white pot in rusty spring with succulent and overlay

They are the perfect little planter for the succulents I'm growing from the instructions in the April edition of Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

rusty spring with planter

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. This just never happens to me. I have asked other local junkers about springs. No one finds them! I love them! And yours with pots, Susan!

    1. I have never found them before Carlene... this was a lucky (ouch) find!

  2. Hi Susan..
    I'm sorry to hear that you got hurt. It sounds very painful. Those dumpsters are not easy to navigate. The little spring nestings that you made for the pots are neat and I like the lettering. I hope you 're feeling better soon.


  3. Susan no pain no gain! Those are fabulous and glad to hear you're okay. Be careful out there!

  4. Score-- so cute with the little pots and worth the pain!

  5. You think of the most inventive ideas! But you gotta be careful.

  6. Only the strong survive a dumpster dive with an injury... And they always get the goods!

  7. Love this! We are starting "bulky item pickup" here...so we have great stuff at the side of the road right now!

  8. Oh no! Hope you're feeling better! The things we do in the name of crafting! I don't blame you though, I probably would have done the same thing. =)


  9. You may have dislocated a rib. Hurts. See a chiropractor! Love the springs. I've got my eye on some in a ditch in the Rocky Mountains if I can ever remember to take my bolt cutters when I hike!

  10. What a great idea, so unique. I had pulled the muscles in my right rib cage shoveling snow. I am sitting here cringing just thinking about you. Heating pad helped me, hope you feel better really soon.

  11. ouch! sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you're recovering okay Susan!

    Love these little "spring" planters! hahahaha


  12. Sorry about the ouie but OH my those planters are just too cute!! I may just have to find myself a dumpster to dive into...oh yeah, maybe not!!! :) Blessings, Cindy

  13. I'm sorry to hear you got hurt! Hope your all better now. I agree it was worth grabbing that chair. These little spring pots are adorable!


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