Friday, August 15, 2014

Beautiful Carved Table Repairs

I was given this not so beautiful table...


and as you can see it has a few problems but I was 
determined to save this beautiful mess from the dumpster.

Step one was to remove the veneer. It was partially off
and it came off rather easily using a paint scraper. 


When all the veneer was removed the table top had several  scratches. It needed a good sanding with the palm sander and then some wood filler. 

The top is still not perfect but a few coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue filled in many of the scratches.


The table legs and sides are gorgeous and look
awesome painted so I actually don't mind that the top is 
a little imperfect.


I love this beautiful table with it's imperfect top and I'm so
glad I saved it from the dumpster!


This table is available for sale at

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  1. Awesome job! So many people would have passed that by and tossed it in the trash. So glad you saved it, it looks beautiful :)

  2. Gorgeous table and a fantastic save!

  3. That's beautiful! It's so amazing what a little bit of paint can do for a big ol' mess :).

  4. Amazing!!!!!! Came out BEAUTIFUL !!! :-)

    Have a very blessed weekend...

  5. Love the detailing. Just found a desk myself with some great carving that I am going to refinish. Can't wait.

  6. But! It was wood! And you PAINTED IT!!
    (hee hee)


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