A Repurposed Birdhouse Condo

7:53:00 AM

I knew this antique sewing machine cover could be
turned into something else but I wasn't sure what...

A Repurposed Birdhouse Condo www.homeroad.net

until a friend said What about a birdhouse? Condo?

Yes! That was it, a birdhouse condo! 

So I got to work...

The first step was to drill 3 holes into the front of the box using
a drill attachment for drilling holes in doors.

I'm sure it has a name but I have no idea.

A Repurposed Birdhouse Condo www.homeroad.net

I painted the birdhouse white with a black roof. With a little paint, the top of the sewing machine case made the perfect roof.

A Repurposed Birdhouse Condo www.homeroad.net

The best part of this project was adding the details... steps, columns, hooks for perches, and all the fun little touches that made this box look like a birdhouse estate 
from the good side of the tracks.

A Repurposed Birdhouse Condo www.homeroad.net

I added a thin piece of wood to close up the bottom which can
be removed for cleaning.

With a few pieces of hardware, the birdhouse condo can be attached to a fence, on the top of a post, or even atop 
a wooden ladder like the birdhouses below...

via Our Fairfield House

The neighborhood birds will be envious
of the best birdhouse estate on the block.

A Repurposed Birdhouse Condo www.homeroad.net

A Repurposed Birdhouse Condo www.homeroad.net

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  1. How fun, Susan! Did you ever see the guy who has these wonderful birdhouses all over his property? He is in Stony Brook or St. James (along 25A). He was even written up in Newsday one year talking about all his birdhouses. This reminds me of those. I used to drive past on occasion going wherever and always enjoyed seeing them.

  2. A birdhouse estate, lol love it! Seriously it looks wonderful and I love all the little details you added to make it extra special!

  3. Your yard birds will thank you for being so thoughtful and creative!

  4. Oh my gosh, that's adorable!

  5. Turned out cute. You might consider making the holes in your next birdhouse much smaller...more inviting for smaller songbirds because it keeps out bigger birds and predators.

  6. Susan, you are a real treasure!

  7. This is a fabulous idea! I have one of these covers (and no machine for it) ... I kept thinking that I should get rid of it rather than just store it because I didn't know what to do with it. Now I can use it! Thank your for a brilliant idea!

  8. Fabulous idea Susan! One of my favorites by far. I'll be on the hunt for a sewing machine cover now.


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