A Hope Chest Worth the Trouble

6:00:00 AM

Sometimes it is all about the challenge...

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

that's how it was with this hope chest I bought for $15.00.

What the heck... the price was right and it seemed to be
worth the effort... The inside of this hope chest is lined
with cedar... perfect cedar... not a ding or mark on it.

So as you can see I hauled it home in the back of my Jeep.

The piece had some beautiful detail...

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

But a few problems too... the trim was missing from one side of the bottom... luckily I found it inside and re-attached 
it with wood glue and nails. 

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

The rail was loose but nothing that some more wood glue, 
finishing nails and a bungie wouldn't fix.

There was one other small problem... 

Apparently this chest had legs at one point.  A problem easily fixed with a set of castors. 

And then came the fun part... the paint. 

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

The first thing I did was to coat the whole top with a very
thick paste-like crackle and texture medium from Martha Stewart.

I waited for the thick paste to dry, I watched it crackle and crumble, then painted it with a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Old White. 

When the Chalk Paint dried I used a wash over the whole piece of French Linen. Using a dry brush and a spray bottle of water, I  brushed, sprayed, then wiped off the excess.

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

I was left with a beautifully textured, crackled top. The 
French Linen wash went into all the cracks and crevices
leaving the piece with an old worn look.

I was careful to use more French Linen wash in the corners and in places that would naturally look dirty and old.

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

A coat of clear wax and this hope chest is gorgeous! 

I took a $15.00 chance and it paid off... the piece looks great!

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

saving-a-cedar-hope-chest www.homeroad.net

This hope chest sold quickly and I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I enjoyed panting it. 

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  1. Beautiful! You always do such a lovely job on your pieces, Susan!

  2. That is gorgeous, I'm so glad you stuck with it! I have a weakness for hope chests :)

  3. Your hope chest is truly gorgeous! Wonderful makeover!

  4. Nice...good job. Is it cedar inside?

  5. What a beautiful transformation. Don't you love it when you don't have to do anything to the inside? Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  6. Hi! Your hope chest makeover is lovely! However, I can see by the label that it is a Lane hope chest. I recently did a makeover as well, but before I could sell it in the shop, the original latch needed to be replaced. That one can allow the hope chest to latch shut and lock with a child inside. Two young children were tragically killed last year this way. You can contact the Lane company and they will send you out a new latch, free of charge.


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