How to Make a Chicken Wire Cloche

I've been thinking about what else I could make with 
the chicken wire I had leftover from 

Then it came to me...

What if I wrapped chicken wire around the glass cloche and kept the glass under the chicken wire?

Wrapped knob of glass cloche

So I lined up the end of the chicken wire with the bottom of the cloche and wrapped it around.

Where the chicken wire ends met, I wrapped the wires together. 

I formed the chicken wire around the glass and around the top handle by pressing it to the glass.

Glass cloche wrapped with chicken wire

At the top I wrapped thick wire around the handle to secure it.

I used a pliers to turn under all the sharp edges and I tied a ribbon around the top. 

I placed it on top of a white pedestal I had made from a cheese board and a candle stick.

Glass cloche with chicken wire, bow and nest inside

Easy and adorable even on a plate!

Glass cloche wrapped with chicken wire on plate

Here is another version with a green wooden base. 

Glass cloche with bow and chicken wire on green dish

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